Posted by Ernie B on 15 April 2017 03:55 AM

Hello eRAMP Licensed User!

In continuing our efforts towards a stronger and more secure software solution for eRAMP, we are moving all eRAMP users to a new license verification server and all eRAMP LendingQB users to a new web-service server. This move will require that ALL eRAMP software in current use be updated by the cutoff date listed below.

This move will be executed in two phases and over a two month period starting May 2017. The first phase will migrate all eRAMP software starting with update 10.7.1 to our new license server and new web-service server. We expect phase one to be completed by June 30, 2017. If you have eRAMP version 10.7.1 or higher your eRAMP software has already been switched to our new license server and web-service server. There is nothing more for you to do.

Phase two will be the cutoff of the old license server which will happen on July 15, 2017 12:00 Midnight PT. We will keep the old license server running until July 15th as a backup in case eRAMP users updating at the last minute have issues that prevent them from updating their eRAMP software prior to phase one ending June 30, 2017. This will be a temporary measure to give users a way to operate until any last minutes issues are resolved. As an added measure of protection we have both the old license server and the new license server running at the same time.


Will I need to change anything after the update?

The IP address used by your update version of eRAMP starting with version 10.7.1 is going to change to Please have your IT department add the IP address to your firewall white list as appropriate.

eRAMP License Server: All eRAMP users should white list the following IP address:


Customers who have added firewall exceptions for their eRAMP software to internal systems will need to update their firewalls with the new IP address. Do not remove prior eRAMP IP address until after the eRAMP license conversion starting with eRAMP version 10.7.1 has been completed and you are no longer using a prior version of eRAMP software.

Is there anything eRAMP LendingQB users have to do?

eRAMP users with LendingQB integration that have multi-part authentication initiated will have to add the IP address to each users approved IP address list located in their LQB user profile.

Will this affect our VPN client software used to connect to MERS?

No, this update will not affect how eRAMP connects through your VPN to MERS.

Will this update affect our XML Online Registration connection to MERS?

No, this update will not affect how eRAMP connects through your internet HTTPS connection to MERS.

Will we have to make any changes in our eRAMP settings?

This update will be transparent to your eRAMP setup. All template files, investor setup and any other setup options will remain the same and unchanged.

Could we run the old version of eRAMP at the same time as the new version until we’ve confirmed everything is working properly?

Yes, all eRAMP software includes a five user license. It is OK, for a limited time, to update one workstation with the eRAMP update for the new license server while keeping other workstations running the older version of eRAMP.

What will happen if we do not update our eRAMP software?

If you have not updated your eRAMP software by the Phase two cutoff date of July 15, 2017 12:00 Midnight PT your eRAMP software will stop functioning. Your license will show as “License Cannot Be Verified” in the lower right corner of your eRAMP screen.

All eRAMP updates will be delivered by June 30th. All users who have an active annual support subscription or have our eRAMP MPP 100 monthly pay plan will receive their update software at no additional charge. Users who do not have an annual support subscription or an expired subscription will have the option of purchasing a new annual support subscription or purchasing an update for a one time update fee. The fee will vary depending on the version of eRAMP you are running and the type of license you have purchased. For pricing options please contact our customer support team at by select Client Resources from the top menu.

To confirm if you have an active annual support subscription or have a MPP 100 monthly pay plan log into our support center and click “My Organization”.  Towards the bottom of the page there will be one field to verify your license type and one field identifying your annual support status and expiration date. If your license type is MPP 100 then you will receive your eRAMP update as part of your monthly pay plan license. If your license type is One-Time Upfront License Fee and your support subscription has expired or you do not have a current annual support subscription submit a ticket requesting purchase or renewal of your support subscription.

If you have any questions at all, please contact our support team at and submit a new ticket. We're here to help!

Cyberlink Software Support Team



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